June 06, 2022

Common Problems That Happen When Applying for a New Job

The perfect answer to the tell me something about yourself not on your resume interview question is short and positive. Avoid negatives or unrelated personal stories. Focus on your strengths, on why you want the job, or on something great about the company. Keep your answer under 30 seconds.


Here are a few options you can choose from:


1. Strengths. 


Tell a quick story that shares a soft skill like communication or interpersonal skills. Include how it helped a previous employer.
Here is a list of a few interpersonal skills / strengths which can be talked about

  • Awareness (of yourself and others)
  • Caring about other people
  • Collaborating and working well together with others
  • Comforting people when they need it
  • Clear communication skills
  • Conflict management and resolution skills
  • Constructive feedback (ways people can improve)
  • Diplomacy (handling affairs without hostility)
  • Empathy for others
  • Encouraging and inspiring people to do their best
  • Flexibility in thinking and operating style
  • Humor and lightheartedness
  • Inspiring and motivating others to active greatness
  • Listening well
  • Mentoring and coaching team members
  • Networking and building relationships
  • Nonverbal cues and body language
  • Patience when dealing with others
  • Public speaking and presentation skills
  • Respect for everyone, no matter who they are
  • Sensitivity toward the preferences and wishes of others
  • Socializing skills
  • Being good at team building and at building trust
  • Tolerance and respect for team members


2. Something great about the company. 


Does the company have a cool training program or client list? Explain why that makes them a perfect fit for you.

Shares something positive about the company that makes the hiring manager feel good. At the same time, it references your success. But it also shows you have strong teamwork skills they did not know about from your resume.


3. Why you want the job. 


Will the organization help you reach a personal goal? Explaining that makes a great answer to this interview question.

Explain what you are looking for.Hiring managers want to see that you have put effort into thinking about your career, your job search, and what your priorities are in the next position you take.